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Germany Dialect and how to Translate

On our recent trip journey to Germany we found ourselves at a loss for words… Not just because of the beautiful scenery, the awesome ships and sailboats in the harbor, but because we dont know the language! I know hard to believe that we dont know how to speak German. Just kidding. German is actually one of the hardest dialects in the world. So while we were there we picked up a translator service from Translation Services |
These guys are great! They really care about their customers and came to aid us just in time.

We needed german to english translation service | and they were spot on with who they delivered to us. Her name was Heidi and she was a treat to work with, Here is a picture of her..

German Girl

We really fell in love with her. She spoke great English and we were able to do some local shopping at the harbor with her on board with us. She just wanted to travel and that’s why she said she got into this industry.

Here is a video of the German Harbor…


Well all in all we cant recommend this place enough! Next Stop France! We will be traveling their with our good friend Heidi for French to English Translation Service | 

Until Next time Or Au Revoir!



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Vacation Yachts, Fort Lauderdale Boat show and Charter Mixer 2014

I cannot begin to describe all the sensations you will get at the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show! Amazing People, boats, businesses and Gorgeous Vacation Yachts! This is the best boat show we have ever been to. If you like boats and yachts then this show is for you! Ring the Bell please!! Bam!!!

Believe me when I say you will be blown away at this attraction. From the moment we stepped in we realized this was going to be a trip to remember! We were able to advertise many of our products at our booths.  Gorgeous atmosphere! Check out these pics!!

Mellamine DinnerwareMellamine Dinnerware 2mellamine dinnerware 3


We never have realized such a great place existed until last year when we toured the show with our good friends at Galleyware! The wined and dined us on their expensive boat and we ate off of beautiful Melmaine Dinnerware sets!

Emperor Divers

This is the type of yachts we were seeing. I was amazed at how beautiful it was! Comparatively to Last years it was even better! I knew we were in for a treat! Florida is the Yacht Headquarters of USA! I honestly believe that if I were to leave the planet tomorrow this show would be one of the highlights of my life!

I strongly recommend it for anyone that is a sailor, owns a business that has to do with sailing or yach chartering, or for the average boat lover! Go and get your space early because if fills up and is sold out months before the

Till next time!

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Our Charter of Mammoth Lake

Today we began by making our way to California for the gorgeous scenery and to charter the great lake! Being new to the are this is our first trip across these freezing waters at Mammoth Lakes. During our stay we visited for our Vacation Rental. It was absolutely a dream! We called ahead of time because we knew that Mammoth is always busy during the winter.. Fortunately we got our reservations for the Lake House here The staff was exceptional and the views went on for days!
If you like vacation rentals and want to visit here we have a secret page of the website for you! Visit here

Check out these beautiful pictures from the area! Click on the picture below for the most current weather report!
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Beautiful is a UNDERSTATEMENT!!



As we were there we thought we’d visit the town and ran into an old friend. Good old Jimmy Falonc. No Not Jimmy Falon.. Lol! But he is just as funny. We knew him from our travels to New Zealand and he had told us he had made a permanent home their and he was willing to show us around! He took us to a nearby park called Wooly Tube Park. It was a blast! We definetley cant wait to come back here for more good times!


We went on a charter with him and his life partner. They were real fun! Check out their boat!
This was definitely a worth while trip. I highly recommend. We sunk in the lake however so that wasent fun.
But all in all it was a great trip. Cant wait to come back. I love LA… I mean Mammoth Mountain California!

See ya!

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7 Knots for Sailors!

This is a brief outlay of 7 different types of knots for sailors! Good for Nautical engineers, Nautical Decorations, and Much more!

The most beneficial knot on any sailboat could be the bowline. The idea varieties a restricted noose at the conclusion of any series that cannot operate or even ease which is popular, as an example, to be able to safeguarded sheets for the clew of any headsail. 2 bowlines could also be used to touch base a couple outlines. The great benefit of any bowline can be that regardless exactly how limited that becomes immediately after becoming filled for quite a while, it could regularly be easily untied.

BowlineStyle a finished never-ending loop within the brand, with all the functioning conclude passing on the position conclude. Pass the actual functioning conclude with the never-ending loop, around guiding the actual position conclude, subsequently back into the actual never-ending loop. Supply a tough pull for you to shut the actual knot upwards small. For you to untie a bowline, change the actual knot over in addition to break the returning simply by folding it down.

Stopper Knot
And keep some sort of brand via taking via a prohibit as well as piece of string clutch i465 black, some sort of knot must be hooked eventually of computer. By far the most secure knot regarding carrying out this can be the increase overhand stopper knot, referred to as the actual stopper knot regarding short. In contrast to a fairly easy overhand knot or even a number eight knot, this specific knot doesn’t come unfastened easily.

The best way to help tie an authentic stopper knot is to apply your own give as a type. Just hook the finish in the brand two times throughout the hand of this give, tuck the doing work finish under the two loops, then pull the loops away from your own give. As soon as you test it, you’ll by no means work with a figure seven yet again.
stopper knot
Doing the job to entry, cross this functioning finish two times across the the company of your wide open palm. Immediately after you’ve got 2 full wraps, cross this functioning finish underneath the wraps in your the company away from your own usb. After that utilize the finish to take this knot snug since it falls away from your own palm.

Clove Knot
This is the useful knot because it may be tied up right away. In sailboats it is common use is for locking down fender whips into a lifeline, stanchion starting or even toerail. It can be very easily modified to increase or even reduced some sort of fender as desired. The particular clove problem could also be used for you to quickly secure some sort of boat dock collection into a adding, but remember that your problem can certainly all of a sudden work no cost because ship moves all-around at the boat dock.
Clove Knot
Get a single whole change the item the actual brand is being collateralized for you to. Then cross the actual brand more than itself when you take one more change. End the actual knot through tucking the actual working end under itself in addition to yank small.

Sheet Bend
Quite a few sailors use a rectangular knot while tying two outlines together, yet these frequently arrive loose when not under heap. The sheet fold is usually better, is straightforward to be able to untie along with is effective much better while two outlines associated with bumpy size have to be attached together. As you can notice in the example, it is final kind is just slightly totally different from the rectangular knot, nevertheless it really is attached pretty in a different way.
sheet knot

Type any bight in the long run of merely one range. Pass the tip of the different range from the bight by below and around driving equally elements of the first range. Finish your knot simply by moving your operating conclusion of the 2nd range underneath alone, then pull your knot small.

Two 1 / 2 Hitches
This kind of knot features a self-explanatory brand: half problem, as well as yet another 1 / 2 problem. It is easy to connect in addition to forms any operating noose that could be created greater or even smaller. This is actually the best problem to utilize to help connect any range firmly around a great target. Joined with any circular change, the item is an excellent way to safeguarded any pier range to some adding. Tying two 1 / 2 hitches along with any clove problem can also be the simplest way to preserve any fender whip via sliding.
half hitch knot
Go the series twice throughout the subject it really is currently being guaranteed to be able to. Next tie 1 problem over the spins by simply transferring the operating conclude of the series behind the position conclude and also yanking this via. Do it again to be able to tie the next problem. You’ll be able to tie two half hitches with no taking spins very first, but they are usually fewer safeguarded that way.

Rolling Hitch Knot
The actual rolling problem comes to this relief when driving turns jam the line over a winch drum. This specific problem is designed never to fall. Use another line in order to tie the rolling problem on the position area of the crammed line, transfer weight to the added line and you will free this crammed line. The actual rolling problem will likely hold just about any line secured with a up and down cylindrical item, say for example a stanchion, via slippage. It can be employed to type a good flexible noose that will doesn’t fall within insert, which can be useful when getting tie-downs with an awning with deck. The actual Youngster Scouts operate the same knot in order to strain collections secured in order to camping tent pegs, just these people telephone the item the tight line problem.

rolling hitch

Encapsulate some sort of brand a second time around another set brand as well as publish. Require a next turn by simply driving your doing work conclude with the primary brand above the standing conclude then about the next brand previously mentioned the primary two transforms. Move within the standing section of the primary brand as well as the problem will not slip straight down your second brand.

Cleat Hitch
Go down any connect in different marina and you will see quite a few connect collections inaccurately anchored to be able to cleats. An appropriate cleat hinderance is straightforward to be able to wrap, really efficient in addition to it is usually unveiled under insert with no stressing about dropping any finger along the way. Any time you create off any range on the cleat, on the connect or maybe in terrace, here is the knot to utilize.

cleat hitch

Consider just one entire change the bottom of the cleat, leading this range so that the standing up portion works free of this cleat. And then take a figure-eight change initial just one horn of the cleat, then the some other. On the closing switch cross this range below alone in addition to pull the idea tight.

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Sailing Instead Of Babies!

Hello And welcome to our site!
Sailing instead of babies is a site for exactly what it sounds like. We love sailing. Some get married and have children, some get married and buy a Hunter 37 and call that our child!

We love sailing the beautiful blue seas and thought we’d start a blog about our connections, sites, and sounds of our voyages.
During our voyages we love to review new boats, vacation spots, and nautical Decorations we gather on our trips.

We meet a vary of people on out trips and we love to share our stories.
If you like Vactioning, yachts, sailboats, and anything pertaining to the nautical industry you may just want to save this in your tickler file.
Different from most blogging sites we dont want to push anything on you but rather talk about stuff together. You can always email us about your adventures, pictures, or anything you’d like us to post. We get a lot of mail so if we dont get back to you right away please forgive us. Between boasting about our travels, we actually are on the water quite a bit!

So believe us when we say we love boats!

Take care and Sail Away!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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